The 2015 European Resource Bank meeting will be held in Istanbul, May 14-17.

A special website is designed for it at http://www.erb2015istanbul.org/



In 2014 the European resource Bank meeting was held in Aix-en-Provence, France


Which way is Europe going ? For friends of liberty there are many threats around. The rise of nationalist-socialist movements, like in France, could lead to the end of a Europe of free trade. The growing power of an unaccountable bureaucracy and a "not so accountable" European Parliament, both kin on increasing the level of centralization, harmonization, interventions and regulations is not good news either for freedom and democracy. Think tanks of the liberty movement must join forces to think strategically about how to counter these threats. And they need to involve more players from civil society. That is exactly why they met for the 11th Annual European Resource Bank in the beautiful and romantic city of Aix-en-Provence, France, from June 27 to June 29, 2014. The event was hosted by the Institute for Economic Studies-Europe, which was celebrating its 25th anniversary.

At this year's congress, the delegates enjoyed an exciting line up of speakers that debated the relationship between the European Union/Europe and the Liberty Movement, EP elections and the most recent EU activities that in many ways lead to greater regulations of markets, restrictions of individual freedom and new EU's structures.

It has also been a perfect time for networking and sharing best practices to promote our ideas including making an efficient use of media and academic research.

The ‘how to nuts & bolts’ seminars helped to make the most efficient use of social networking and demonstrate how to fundraise. The popular Think Tank Dragons Den offered a chance to win up to € 5,000 for the best proposals thanks to the generous sponsoring of the Global Philanthropic Trust. The winner was the Institut Coppet.

You can see pictures of the event :

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